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Drop common items in regular game, no ALL event chest!!!

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You said: All common drops will now reward an event chest that contains Gorge event items. Regular common items will return after the event. 

However I got many regular common items during the event. 

Steps to Reproduce
Gifts are not always gorge event chest.

User Feedback

18 hours ago, PeterA said:

@WingOwO, can you post you client_log.txt file and I'll look into your account issues. Thanks!

Here is my client_log.txt, same thing also happened on my friend, some gifts were event chest, some were common drops.

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I checked your account and it looks like you only received 1 common drop last week. The other 3 drops were of a higher rarity tier, that's why they weren't event chests. Only the common drops have been replaced with the event chest.

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