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Didn't get Killing Spree Achiement

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I sat there and did the ******* thing and everything i cooked was cooked with meat and idk why i didnt get it it took 3 tries and it was so close i thought i was gonna pass out and i really dont want to do it again. this is what i made

Fishball Skewers (Fish) (Starting snack)

Sliders (Scrap) (Mostly to skip veggi and dessert, used for bread once)

Sausage (Scrap) (For Sapphire)

Cheeseburger x2 (Scrap) (For Favor Bread and Meat)

Creamy Fish (Fish) (For Favor Fish)

Fish and Chips (Fish) (For Fish)

Spaghetti and Meatball (Scrap) (For Redmark Pasta)

Edit: (The only other things I could have possibly made were Fish Stew, Meat Skewers, and Meatloaf but i think i made these in my first 2 runs)


Steps to Reproduce
Try beating the game with the same meals, maybe one of the meals are bugged or the achievement might be bugged

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

This may or may not be the problem: syrup.  Make sure no one on your team cooks syrup.  This is a commonly overlooked error people have made in attempting this achievement (i.e. someone on the team cooks syrup).

The achievement revolves around cooking everything with meat, not just dishes which can be offered.



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Did you or anyone else cook anything other than the listed meals during the match?

Mr. Matt had an issue getting the achievement as well and found out it was due to someone cooking syrup when apparently cooking anything other than meat/fish (even if you don't offer it) ruins the achievement.

Other than that, I can't understand why you're not getting it.

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Syrup does fail the achievement due to it being made by cooking. That said, this was not my intent and will be fix in the next update.

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