Regular disconnects during match

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Throughout beta and first day of release, barely any issues. Maybe one or two lag spikes and disconnects in several hours.

Second day, a rare disconnect during a match here and there. Not much of an issue.

Now, nearly every match I get disconnected and sent back to the logging in screen. Sometimes more than once per match. Most of the time I can get right back on the server, but It's a real liability.

Doesn't matter if it's a European based server with 40ish ping or for example NA with 150ish ping, lag suddenly spikes and I'll get disconnected all the same.


Whatever was changed after the start of the event, undo it.

Steps to Reproduce
join server. start match. suffer random lag spike despite good/decent ping. get disconnected. rejoin server. lag. disconnected. rinse and repeat until frustrated.

User Feedback


Next time this happens, please attach your client_log.txt to this bug report. It will gives us information about which server you were playing on so we can investigate the issue.

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This has been my experience with the forge this year, lag and random disconnects and has made it hard to enjoy. 

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