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Random Crash On Return Lost Connection To Server and Cosmetics Removed

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Had a random unexplainable crash today in The Forge. I've made copies of client_log.txt files through out the process:

  • Crashed when last Snortoise died
  • Copied client_log.txt file (marked a)
  • Opened DST, tried to reconnect to same server through browse games. Keep getting "you lost connection to server"
  • Also tried to join the same server through "Join Game" feature of steam since I was playing with a friend in that server. Still the same result "you lost connection to server".
  • Copied another client_log.txt file (marked b)
  • Closed DST
  • Opened DST again
  • Tried to use "Join Game" again directly.
  • Got into server again
  • Selected Icon got removed (forgot to take screenshot, sorry)
  • Finished match (won thanks to teamwork)
  • Closed DST
  • Copied another client_log.txt file (marked c)

client_log a.txt

client_log b.txt

client_log c.txt

Steps to Reproduce
1. Match with friends 2. Got to last Snortoise 3. Upon Snortoise Death, game crashed

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