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PERMANENT CRASH, have to RESTART my computer everytime!!!

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Okay so we are now the 18th of November, almost the end of the Forge, and an ENORMOUS bug still hasn't been resolved. I already posted it here, but it didn't seem to have received any attention at all. It's a big problem and I'm surprised that Klei isn't eager to solve it at all.

One out of THREE matches, my game crashes. It wouldn't be such a problem if my game wasn't totally lagging all the time (especially when encountering Borilla), or if I didn't need to completely restart my computer every time the crash happens! You imagine how inconvenient it can be when someone is in the middle of a match, crash, and in order to join again, has to restart his entire computer (as fast as possible!) because the game won't allow him to start again?

Sorry to be rude but I was nice the first time, and nobody answered so I guess in this world you have to yell to be heard. It just makes my game unplayable, it feels like it has been made in a rush, and even not finished. If it was okay in the beta, it is not anymore.

So here I post the DxDiag, the client log, and the crash report, again. And hopefully someone will do something.

Steps to Reproduce
Just play 2-3 matches. A crash will happen in one of these matches. And looooots of lags.

User Feedback

That sounds horrific KU. My sympathies. Having to reboot is the ultimate bug crash insult. My hope is that they're AT LEAST quietly investigating this in the background? Cause we've had 0 feedback so far; not even an official acknowledgement of the issue. Crash bug reports seem to have all been left 'Pending'

I got my hopes up after having a few crash free games with Sound FX volume set to 5, but as SOON as I posted about it the problem returned and back to playing Forge in silent Wes mime mode again. ;_;

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