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Occasionally, when I start playing, left-click doesn't work properly. Whatever I'm trying to click on, either to attack, revive or pick up, I just can't do it as I can only examine the object. I figured out, that if I press the attack key, it's as if I had temporarily solved the problem. This way, I can bot attack and revive (not easily). This wouldn't be the greatest problem of mine, if I wouldn't attack mobs that I didn't want and if I could revive properly. This makes my character do the action after it hit.

Steps to Reproduce
I believe that this bug is not character specific. I've had this problem with and with and without mods.

User Feedback

Holding down the Alt key will force the mouse into inspect mode. Some times the key can get "stuck" on. This tends to happen a lot when Alt+Tab'ing or when the window looses focus. Simple pressing the Alt key again should resolve the issue. 

I'm going to close this bug as this is most likely the case. If that does not resolve the issue then please let me know and I will investigate further. 

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