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Missing curio items

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All Curio Cabinet items (excluding the character skins) that are unrelated to The Forge & Hallowed Nights (such as The Gorge, Winter's feast, ect...) appear to be missing or are at least hidden from my selection. In the attached images you can see that the total of avaliable skins of each category are considerably less than what it should normally be (easiest to notice on the Vignettes page, as there are only 15 of them!).


Things to note: 

* I have disabled all mods and tried reinstalling the game, but to no avail.

* Despite missing Belongings Skins, I am still able to find them in Survival worlds (see Victorian Ice box image).

* The "Forge 2017 beta tester" Portrait Frame, despite being a Forge skin is also missing.








Steps to Reproduce
Check the Curio Cabinet for missing skins of various categories. This happened to me out of the blue at the begining of a session of gameplay and hasn't sorted itself out since.

User Feedback

I just checked my steam inventory and everything seems to be there, as it should be. The missing vignettes, portrait frames, everything can be found there, it's just not available in-game for some reason.

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Oh snap you're right, I'm a numpty. I've never (intentionally) used that filter before, so I must've toggled it by mistake at some point.

Welp that solves it, this thread can be closed now.

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