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Forge: No Points for Defeating Grand Forge Boarrior

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So its about Forge Bug:

I notice after few matches i didnt get the (1000 Points ???) for killing the Grand Forge Boarrior.

pls fix it asap or give me just the points i miss until now...thats sucks srsly. someone put so much effort raise the lvl and then u didnt get the reward....


Steps to Reproduce
I just play and win the matches and dont get the points....

User Feedback

i think you get points for winning instead. notice you also don't have "formidable team" one that you'd get for defeating boarilla and losing elsewhere

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so its kinda add and put it into "Victory" Bonus? i was bit confused about that but this kinda sounds logic then...someone who may Confirm it too?

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If you win, you get the Victory badge, otherwise you get the badge for the last round you completed. The victory badge points is equivalent to the round the boss is on so as creatures are unlocked, you get more points for a victory.

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