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forge crashes constantly

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I don't know what happens but I haven't been able to complete a match for the past several hours without crashing once or twice in the match. I don't know whats causing it and its become extremely obnoxious to deal with. 

Steps to Reproduce
Load into a Forge beta server, wait to crash for no explainable reason
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My wife and I are also having this same problem. A crash where the game fully closes about once or twice a match and each match has it close at different times in the match. 

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It is happen with me as well but like 4 or 5 times a match, with my girlfriend is working fine, same network.

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Also experiencing this issue. Client stutters briefly and then closes; no debugging screen. The attached logs are for a crash that happened some time during third boar wave, but after half a dozen crashes of this sort I haven't noticed a pattern in the events before the crash. It can happen early or late, with any character, any skin...

I just uninstalled and reinstalled the game and updated my graphics driver before the crash in these logs. All mods disabled. I'm pretty confident in my ability to reproduce the issue, so if there is some information I missed here that I could include after a future crash I would be happy to post it.

Other tidbits I thought might be noteworthy:

-I use a combination of ctrl-f (attack nearest) and wasd to attack and move.
-I don't have any crashing issues like this when playing the standard don't starve together.
-I didn't have crashing issues like this in the original forge.
-I had similar (reticent to say the same) crashing issues when playing on servers that used the Forged Forge mod.
-Graphics card is GTX 1070, mouse is Logitech G600, keyboard is Logitech K360.




I haven't experienced any crashes for around a dozen games where I had my sound effect volume lowered to 0. When I increased my sound effect volume to 1, I experienced another crash. I will continue playing with my sound effect volume at 0 and if I crash again I will update this and my other posts. Otherwise consider it a potential workaround to the issue.

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