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Crashes... crashes everywhere.

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At this point in time it's getting a bit old. Given how hard it is to find a lobby with adequate players who know what they're doing, having a potential win be taken away from you due to a crash is not really all that enjoyable. Thank you for at least letting us rejoin the game we've just been in, and placing it at the top of the list. That's a decent crutch, I'll give you that. But can you please fix it already? I don't recall having this issue last year, everything worked fine.

The three client logs I'm attaching were made in one night, for crying out loud. Doesn't matter what I'm doing – regularly hitting mobs, using special attacks, or just writing in chat – the game just snaps at some point, the last bit of sound starts stuttering and then I get thrown out to desktop. I really, really hope you finally fix this. Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce
Play a Forge match and then suddenly crash to desktop.

User Feedback

This sounds awfully familar C0Rb3N. Until they fix it properly (knock on Woodie), try setting ur Sound FX volume to 0 and see if that resolves the crashes. There is definitely an issue tied to Sound FX atm it seems. I look forward to ur feedback. Even being able to finish a round to get that meagre XP is worth, right?

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Hey, Starphire. Thanks for replying. Do you suggest playing without sound? Did it help you in any way? I don't think the issue is cause by sound, but rather the sound stuttering (as well as image lagging) is just the most noticeable sign of the crash. I may try to follow your advice, but then again playing without sound isn't really worth it for me. Thanks anyway.

Looking forward for a developer to respond.

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Yes, you can read my bug report of the issue on page 2 of the bug report forums (Forge Crashing Over and Over and OVER Again). Turning your Sound FX volume to 0 should cure your crashing problem (at the expense of sound cues/immersion) if it's the same issue (as the similarity of your description of the problem would suggest).

Doing this stopped the crashes for myself and a few other people I know who are also experiencing it. Try it and let us know if it helps you C0Rb3N. If it doesn't then your crashes are prolly caused by something different.

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