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Connection issues and skins lost

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I am in New Zealand and have issues with lag and issues through the game with my connection sometimes dropping completely. Hope you can resolve this as I am loving this game. I also lost all my skins from the regular DST when I updated my game. 

Steps to Reproduce
Nothing special, just playing.

User Feedback

Hello @Thestikke1, welcome to the forums. Concerning Skins, all skins previously owned still exists. Check your Steam Inventory directly and they should still be there. Be aware that IF you are playing The Forge BETA, all items gained/received during BETA will be removed. See RED TEXT in: 

BUT to clarify, all your previously owned items BEFORE opting into BETA should STILL be in your Steam Inventory. Check your Inventory on steam directly (not in-game). Our BETA inventory is different from our real inventory which is why our items aren't all there. Cheers.

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