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Chat Box Won't Open Via Pressing Enter

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While playing Forge today I lost my ability to open my chat box in game to speak with my allies via pressing enter, restarting the game and steam didn't help. I can speak in the lobby and enter works to submit what I wrote in the lobby but in game it won't open the chat box. I haven't changed any settings, and now it also won't work in the normal Don't Starve Together game either.

And this is the only steam game affected.

Steps to Reproduce
Pressed enter mid game...?

User Feedback

Check your settings, it may have reverted back to default "Y" to chat. Confirm if it's still registered to Enter as Hotkey for Chat.

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I think this is likely what happened, cause after checking I noticed everything went back to default not just the say or whisper commands. Which makes this an even weirder bug as it means mid-match something reset all my controls to default. I do recall steam needing to be updated during last night though I don't think that was immediately before the issue occurred.

If it happens again I'll update this thread,

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