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Black screen in the statistics menu

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After playing a match, the screen on which you should see the statistics becomes completely black. You can still click on the "next" button (by ear), and even chose a new character for another match, but in total blackness.

If you try to quit the game in order to restart it, a message appears saying:

"Graphics Error

Error processing render bugger command CreateVB"


Below I attached the two files that can be useful to identify the bug.



Steps to Reproduce
Just play a match, win or lose, wait for the screen to be "not-responding" (it can happen or not), and then the statistics screen will be black. If the game is "not responding", then we have a 100% probability that the screen will be black.

User Feedback

The bug happened again. For the third, of fourth time. It starts to be annoying, hope it's not here anymore in the official release.

And when I encounter this bug, I have no choice but to restart my computer, because it won't let me play anymore.

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