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All the items in my inventory disappeared (PC)

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I just noticed after opening my curio chests that all the items (from wardrobe, belongings, emotes, emoticons, portrait frames, profile icons, and vignettes) I had prior to trying out beta is now gone.

Please help :( Now it feels like all the time I used to collect everything on the Gorge event (and then some!) is wasted.

Steps to Reproduce
I just entered beta

User Feedback

@notyospud, welcome to the forums. Be aware that IF you are playing The Forge BETA, all items gained/received during BETA will be removed. See RED TEXT in: 


BUT to clarify, all your previously owned items BEFORE opting into BETA should STILL be in your Steam Inventory. Check your Inventory on steam directly (not in-game). Our BETA inventory is different from our real inventory which is why our items aren't all there. Cheers.

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