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Skins won't load and sent back to square 1

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 I came home, booted up my PC and opened DST to find out Forge was live. I then opened all the free chest I got for beta testing and even bought the character skin pack. It was all fun and unboxing until I accidentally un-twined a backpack skin I had recently sold to get enough money to buy the skin pack. Accidentally un-twining the already sold backpack caused my game to temporarily freeze and crash. When I managed to get the game to function, I saw that all of my skins, emotes and etc were gone, and that I was sent back to square 1. :(  Klei please fix this game-ruining bug because I spent lots of money to get those Gladiator skins and now they're gone

Note : My name on DST/Steam is "The Duwang Man | TF2SP" and I included a pic of what my collection screen looked like after the crash


Steps to Reproduce
Sell a skin on the community market and try to un-twine it

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