Indecise Vignettes

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I noticed that compared to all other tabs, in the curio cabinet, the vignettes tab is a bit weird for it's selection : 

You can check or uncheck by selecting one, that works, but when you check another vignette when you have a vignette selected, it checks both, but does this mean that it's andom between the two? Or that the first vignette is actually not told to uncheck. Either way, there's seems to be something wrong(haven't seen a clue it could be both with random chance).

Steps to Reproduce
Check a vignette, check another one, first vignette doesn't uncheck or appear in loading while still checked.

User Feedback

It's not a bug, you can check more than one profile backgrounds and they will show up randomly when your game loads. All the checked ones can appear while the unchecked ones will not show up.

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