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Lower Attack Speed Re-report

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I've noticed that the attack speed has been made slower and I was linked to a bug report made by @Hornete here:

It results in slower kills when it wasn't there before (such as struggling to get 5 hits on a sleeping goat). It would be appreciated if this was looked into. Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce

Take a break from the game.

Come back and try to do 5 hits against a sleeping Volt Goat.

See that you are struggling to do 5 hits and notice that the attack speed is slower in a lot of other places.

Ask around and get linked to the bug report above.

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User Feedback

1 hour ago, chirsg said:

Wait, was there ANOTHER slowdown????

Idk, like I said above, I took a break and came back to the issue I was describing above.

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