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Game crash when auto-updating mods in host menu

  • Known Issue

I can't tell whether the mods in question are to blame for an incompatibility so total that just witnessing them somehow crashes the game or if it's on the game to handle bad workshop data here, uh, either way figured I'd report. Maybe it's not even anything new.

Just being in the new world creation/hosting menu for too long with the mods tab open will crash my game, due to mods trying to automatically update from workshop. Only reason I'm confused / unsure here is because I figured invalid mods would simply be auto disabled or something? Or that I'd have to do some sort of server launching or activate the mods somehow for them to be able to do any crashing business in the first place? I just don't know the threshold for when a mod is actually trying to apply it's code is all. Before crashing it also seems to insist on retrying the update over and over and failing to do so.

The game doesn't even crash as much as it just shuts down entirely. I hope I attached the right log here.



Steps to Reproduce

Be subscribed to outdated mods (perhaps just simply be subscribed to a mod?), idle in hosting menu in mods tab in wait for update attempts?

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