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Wildbore get stuck by ocean

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The wildbores sometimes run off real quick and then get stuck by the shores unable to get back to their homes or anything. It often happens when they attack something like snakes.

Trying to get rid of one near my camp I got it to attack some bottlenosed ballphins that were also stuck on land actually, the game completed crashed as the wildbore died and now I cannot get on with the game. Everytime I log on the wildbore attack, dies and the game crashes.

I'd really like to continue this game since it's the first were I actually don't die, because shipwrecked is so bloody hard compared to RoG. The game saved after I made the wildbore attack, so I can't even continue the game unless it's somehow fixed.



Steps to Reproduce
Let the wildbores be if they get stuck. At least till it's fixed.

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