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Walani's Surfboard won't place

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I'm having a reoccurring issue placing Walani's surfboard on the water. I frequently have to build a raft, get on that, then place her board to get it to work. If I try to place it while on land, even if I'm placing it as close as possible to land, she just endlessly run towards the water. Don't know if anyone else has had this problem and this is my first time using the forum but I wanted you to know that the issue exist.

Steps to Reproduce
Try to put Walani's board in the water from all angles.
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Interesting bug this - I've noticed the same character running issue and not just with placing the surfboard, also with placing other rafts and even trying to jump aboard; but I always managed to recover by going back a short way and trying again. As purely anecdotal evidence, I've been watching a YouTuber Let's Play series from December where the poor guy seemed to have your trouble, but the fans kept telling him he wasn't using the correct mouse button (but could anyone really be that silly?) At least one other person reported that he had the same glitch, but that it was fixed in a January update - yet you're posting at the end of Jan. Makes me wonder what is really going on!

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