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Useless Life Giving Amulet

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Platform: PC

Do I use mods?: No

Curent content BuildID: 932479

Description: It seems that the Life Giving Amulet does not work in DS:SW. I died wearing it but my avatar never rez after a certain time. The avatar stayed at the exact position I died (of poison) lying down on the boat & I was unable to make any action (no controls & no interface/map/menu anymore). This screenshots shows what was on screen after several minutes waiting for the next day.

By the way the world was going on with no problem (day/night cycle, etc.). I was stucked in the game with no possibility of nothing.


Note: Have not tried other configuration to be sure the Life giving Amulet is always glitching (e.g. Does the Life Giving Amulet works when players are on ground and not on a boat ?)

What I'm sure of is that I died on a boat from poison and I was wearing the Life Giving Amulet before dying

Steps to Reproduce
1) Start a new world 2) Find/make a life giving amulet 3) Get poisoned 4) wear the Life Giving Amulet 5) Go on your boat 6) Wait to die from poison

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