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Twin Abigail

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Hi there!

I came up from the volcano. After a day or so, i went to kill the tallbirds up north whose nest i had spawned in (2 nests). I killed one with Wendy attacking and taking attention while abigail hits them from behind. Killed. Went to the next one. Killed. Suddenly, out of those krissure rock another abigail spawned! I didn't notice the sanity drop though. The two abigails follow me. Pretty cool though, if not OP. Would upload photo if i knew how to. Haven't tried reopening the game.

I have the mods Infinite Tent uses, Season Clock, Always on Status and Where's my map



Steps to Reproduce
I went to the volcano to get coffee and thorn plants for the first time. Came out. Went to my base. After a couple of days, i passed the mangrove forest ahead and into the rock biome where i fought two tallbirds (their nests were spawned in). After killing the second one, an abigail spawned from the magma pile.

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