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Sleeping while poisoned stacking the debuff?

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So I got poisoned upsettingly early on in a freshly generated world & character. After exhausting most means to keep my HP up while I was trying to gather the materials to cure myself, I decided to sleep through one of the nights on a straw roll so that I wouldn't waste what little I had left (I was eating butterfly wings for quite a while). I woke up, and I hear the poison sound ticking more than once per cycle. I watched my health in horror as it started to tick for 4-6 hp each instance. I survived... barely, but it definitely didn't seem like something that was intended, nor should've been happening in the first place. I tried it one more time a little later when I had more antidote, same conditions, no mods or anything otherwise unusual happening in-game, and sure enough it happened again.


Steps to Reproduce
Recreating it is exactly as you read it above 1) Get poisoned 2) Use a straw roll to sleep through the night (haven't tested with tent)

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