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(Shipwrecked) Random Crash, not sure why!

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No mods, default Shipwrecked World, playing as Wilbur.

I was on my island, trying to get spiders and a dragoon's den to fight. A spider ended up eating a dragoon heart so it started glowing. Cool. It was late dusk, just turning night. Lit a torch and ran to my obsidian fire I keep nearby. Once lit, I was going to see what next to do and I got this error screen:

Details on my island in case relevant: I have several monekys, a few spider dens and boars, and one dragoon nest. There were also snakes out and about, I had monkeys chasing a monkey ball behind walls (this had been going on for awhile, doubt its the problem).


Steps to Reproduce
Best guess, when the dragoon heart effect on a spider ends, it causes a crash?

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