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(RoG) Game Crashes at same point each day. (RESOLVED)

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EDIT: Thank you for the move! This bug was due to Pengulls apparently, which was fixed!


I don't use mods and using default world settings, playing as Warly.

Was streaming Warly in RoG. It was winter, I was clearing some trees near my base and fighting off spiders. When day started, I got a weird error screen.



I figured it was a one time thing, so reset, redid my day, did roughly the same thing and yet again I got this error message. Based on the "ShouldGoHome", I wonder if it has to do with the spiders since both times there were spiders on their way back to their nest. 

Just tried restarting the day fully away from the spider den. Morning came and there wasn't much problem. To test the waters, I went to look at the spider den. Didn't seem like a problem, so I started to run back home, and then the game crashed again with same error. Don't think it necessarily has to do with the spiders, but maybe that region of my map?

Steps to Reproduce
Was Warly, was winter, staying warm near a fire while also killing spiders and chopping trees. Morning came, spiders start walking off and CRASH.

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