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Post Kraken update -- Merging worlds glitches

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1. Day count in volcano reset after dying and reviving by touch stone in ROG world. Volcano day count shows 166 (day I entered volcano) when actual day count is 350. Ever since, volcano's Alter of snackrifice mechanics don't work, and upon leaving volcano rumbling/eruption occurs in 1/2 day despite 4 day appeasement used.

2. First hundred days after merge I was getting hounds every time i log in. Now I haven't gotten any hounds at all and its been about 100 days with no hounds.

3. Used seaworthy from ROG to my SW world during early spring season. After transferring back to ROG after a few days, it was early Autumn, skipping the entire spring and summer seasons in ROG (could be a result of dying and reviving).

4. Lureplant spawned on watery grave biome in the water.




Steps to Reproduce
Merge worlds and die/revive by touch stones. Dying/reviving seems to bug game out still (previous updates it was worse).

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