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Playing Wendy, Abigail won't appear after killing a snake

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.. just as I said.

Playing Wendy, placing the "flower" on the ground, and killing a snake in the vicinity does not summon her ghost-twin Aby.
With "vanilla" creatures like spiders it works okay.

Maybe it is also not working with some other newly introduced creatures, haven't tested it though.


Steps to Reproduce
Choose Wendy "the bereaved" to play. Place "abigail's flower on the ground, kill a snake on top of it, - nothing happens, Aby is not summoned.

User Feedback

Hey @Russian I just tested this in Rev. 165572 and I've been able to summon Abigail by killing snakes regular and poisonous. Are you sure that Abigail's Flower has fully bloomed already? It should look like the one in the Wiki.  


Did you have any mods on when you tried it?

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I would like to add to this that by the Release the Quaken update, killing mobs/animals in the inventory to summon Abigail do not work. I have tested summoning Abigail with a captured Butterfly and Parrot and "murdering" them within close proximity to a fully recharged Abigail's Flower and does not summon her. Only after releasing them and killing them did Abigail appear.


EDIT: Also, I would like to note that a few seconds upon posting this reply, I received a notification that a new reply has been made to this thread and the poster was "Asparagus", namely me... is this a forum bug?

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A bug in the bug thread?

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