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Only 2 of the 4 RoG Seasons from Seaworthy

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(UPDATE I fixed it all i did was click the checkbox on steam and i now have the 4 seasons on the new world i just made the update might have of fixed it but that was likely the problem) I was excited to link worlds with my new 100+ survival ship wrecked world with an RoG one. I made a new one and i started playing and when i checked the seasons with the mod i had it said only Autumn and Winter so i thought I messed up and I picked the wrong one since i just bought RoG. I made 2 new worlds and made sure that both the SW and RoG had all seasons on i went to the seaworthy in SW went to the RoG world and surely there were only Winter and Autumn. I tried going ahead in days with  GetClock():MakeNextDay()  but it just went in the normal vanilla cycle without spring or summer. I tried going to the middle of summer and it started me about 3 days into autumn. I do not think this is intentional at all but it might be. I made a SW and a RoG world without any mods and the same thing happened so it isn't them for sure. I skipped through all the days again and on day 68 likely quite a few earlier since i was speeding bye i heard a deerclops and snow was still on the ground even after i waited about 30 seconds. I also haven't touched any of the files. There is a small chance that the reason this happens is that i just bought RoG but again like i said it shows the SW/RoG shield when i go to select it.

Steps to Reproduce
Just link a SW and an RoG world with the Seaworthy and the RoG world won't have all seasons that come with RoG but will have the items and creatures like glommer and bearger

User Feedback

What how did you fix it ? Just clik on chekbox in steam ? I try it but nothink hapend pls help ... (I am not sure I clik on butten you explein)

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