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Not a Glitch, but should be taken out. WIldbore houses falling down in wind.

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I know it is not a glitch, but I think the mechanic of Wild Bore houses falling down in the wind is a bad mechanic. Maybe instead of the entire house getting destroyed, the bore wont ever come outside so you can have bores in strong winds, but having the entire house breaking and you losing resources is just unfair. Having 10 bore houses and them all breaking down and the wind carrying the resources away is very annoying...

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Again, not a glitch, but should be removes. Having wildbore houses and strong winds

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While I agree that Wildbore houses being destroyed by Strong Winds is a little strange and annoying at times (mostly because I can't think of another craftable structure, excluding walls, that can be destroyed by Strong Winds), one way of working around it is to build all of your Wildbore houses on another island to your main base. To my knowledge, the houses can only be destroyed if you're close by at the time, so you can simply avoid that island during Hurricane Season. Hope that helps somewhat :)

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