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Mixed DLCs?

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Rev. 168028

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Mixed DLCs? (SW features in RoG)

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So one day I started a new world in RoG. Having both RoG and SW DLCs installed in the game, one day in that world I killed a spider warrior and it dropped a venom gland. I suppose that's a bug, because a venom gland is a feature of Shipwrecked only, right? Anyway, when I saw that, I started another RoG world and began to test if there are some other Shipwrecked features that are in the wrong DLC. Then, besides spiders dropping venom glands, I noticed that I could grow sweet potatoes (anonther SW feature) from farms.


Also, when I enter Maxwell's Adventure Portal, It shows SW loading screen instead of the "normal" one.


Steps to Reproduce
Kill spider warriors, grow farms.

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Also: When starting a new RoG game, the Sea Sack is available to prototype. No way to get the mats, but it's there. And the Luxury Fan and the Old Bell is not.

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