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Magiluminesence dissappears on running out of Fuel

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Technically this isn't a 'bug' because this is how it worked before, but now that you can fuel this item, when it runs out it should just stay at 0% without functioning much like the Miner Hat does, because with it's 1 day duration it's pretty easy to accidentally have it expire if you forget to fuel it for a bit while exploring. Just seems very punishing.

Steps to Reproduce
Get a Magiluminesence, let it tick down naturally until it hits 0%: at this point it completely vanishes from your inventory never to be seen again if you forget to refuel it with Nightmare Fuel. Double the fun if it was your only light source in the dark!

User Feedback

True, but it is an inconsistency: all other fueled light sources go to 0% and simply turn off. Due to Magiluminesence's reclassification as such an item, it makes sense for it to be brought to the same standard design. Probably still correct to not put it here, but AFAIK I can't really get rid of this, so too late?

As for why SW: AFAIK the change was made only to SW versions of the game (ie only for people with SW installed), but I could be wrong about this.

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By the way i never knew it can be refueled with night fuel.. When did they add such an option? I tested and added info on wikia.. You learn a new thing every other day.

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