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Koalephant not running away anymore

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I searched for ''koalephant'' and found nothing (surprisingly) so here it is:

I started a new SW world, then traveled to a RoG world with the Seaworthy. Whenever I hunt for a Koalephant and go near him, instead of running away, he just stops and do his ''on alert'' animation, just like the beefalos. He then stay immobile for ever and ever, see picture below. Winter duration was set to long when the RoG world was generated through the Seaworthy.

This bug also occured when I started a new game directly in the RoG world with all settings to default.

As this bug never occured to me before SW, I thought that's where I should post the bug report.



Steps to Reproduce
A - SW start -Create a new save (start in SW) -Find the Seaworthy and travel to RoG world -Hunt a Koalephant and stand next to him B - RoG start -Create a new save (start in RoG) -Hunt a Koalephant and stand next to him

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
33 minutes ago, thiagox93 said:

It's normal in RoG.

It's not normal. Koalephants (normal and winter versions) are supposed to run away from you if you get too close. You need to trap them in a corner, wait until they are asleep or use a ranged weapon if you want to fight them in melee.

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