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Jellyfish jerky can't be added to the crock pot

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It looks from cooking.lua that it's supposed to be cookable in the crockpot, but because it has an alias mapping it from the actual prefab name to a name that isn't used anywhere else, it doesn't let you add it.

Steps to Reproduce
Try to add jellyjerky to the crock pot. c_give('jellyjerky'), c_spawn('cookpot'). If you comment out the alias in cooking.lua, you can add it.
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User Feedback

I think it's better to improve IsCookingIngredient function.

Now it looks like: 

local function IsCookingIngredient(prefabname)
	local name = aliases[prefabname] or prefabname
	if ingredients[name] then
		return true

And it should look like:

--Will pick something for sure
local function IsCookingIngredient(prefabname)
	local ingredient = aliases[prefabname] and ingredients[aliases[prefabname]] or ingredients[prefabname]
	if ingredient then
		return true


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