Inventory items are wet upon creation.

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I've recently started a new game with Wigfrid, no world adjustments applied.

I'm finding that items I create from the crafting menu that go into inventory slots (Tools, Refined items, etc.) arrive with a wetness effect. They dry off fairly quickly though.

I'm dry, my source materials are dry and I've had this problem since before the first rain of mild season.

This problem does not seem to apply to crockpot food and, though I'd need to double check, I don't think it's applied to structures.

I did only notice this problem after I'd crossed some ocean on a bamboo raft, so I'm not sure if it started before or after that.

Steps to Reproduce
Start a new game, craft something. Might need to be Wigfrid. Might need to cross the ocean, possibly get a bit wet and dry off.
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