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Game closes in volcano

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About 10 minutes ago i decided to make my first trip into the volcano and grab whatever resources i can. The first time i went in, i spent only about 2-3 minutes, picked up a coffee plant, some volcanic turf and dug up a few magma piles and then the game lagged a bit and closed without any error message (it also didn't freeze, it closed smoothly). When i opened the game up again, i was able to spend a while longer in the volcanoes before the same thing happened again. This time i grabbed some coffee plants again, dug up some magma piles, killed a few dragoons, got one cactus plant and then the game closed by itself. Both times without any warning except for a very brief lag before it closes. My internet is working fine so that shouldn't be the issue.

Kind of frustrating with this being my first volcano adventure >_<

Steps to Reproduce
Go into the volcano, dig up some resources or spend x amount of time in the volcano.

User Feedback

12 hours ago, HugoM said:

@Urfable Thanks for the report. Can you send me your log.txt? It should be in Documents/Klei/DoNotStarve/log.txt.

Hopefully i did this right. Also, i was thinking back on what might've caused the crash and I'm not sure if this might be the cause but i did use the console command to "start mild season". After the game closed the first time and i opened it back up, the season actually skipped to the first day of hurricane season which i thought was a little weird. The second time it closed, the season stayed the same.


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