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Didn't get Old Bell blueprint from Glommer Statue

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I found the Glommer statue at the full moon (along with Glommer) and picked the flower. I then mined the statue, but only received the 3x marble and not the Old Bell blueprint. Only realised this after I killed Glommer and found I couldn't craft the bell. Poor little guy ):

This is after I hopped from a really new SW world to RoG as Wickerbottom, so I hadn't learned the recipe beforehand or anything.

...also does anyone know the prefab name of the blueprint? Looks like the bell_blueprint prefab doesn't exist in SW>RoG worlds, couldn't DebugSpawn one.

Steps to Reproduce
Hopped from brand new SW save to RoG as Wickerbottom, mined Glommer statue after picking the flower.

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