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Day Counter Reseting on exiting/loading game after SW > ROG > SW hopping

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Started in SW, debug spawned Seaworthy, went to RoG (right away on day 1) in order to sync the world timers and because I wanted to go from RoG > SW not the other way around. Now every time I reloaded the game, it would reset to day 1 in the RoG world.

At about 14 days of Spring left (standard season lengths, and I started in Autumn so 20 days of Autumn + 15 days of winter and then about 6 days of Spring or about 42 days), I finally got all the parts to craft the RoG version of the Seaworthy to go back, was back in the SW world at day 42, but it said 21 days of Monsoon season left (and this held true in the sense that the season did last that long, even though it isn't supposed to actually last that long by default, and it should have been deeper into it by day 42 anyways).

Sometime during Dry Season, went to Volcano, after this (I THINK THIS WAS THE TRIGGER AT LEAST), reloading in the SW world also would reset to day 1, while being in the volcano gave the 'true' date in terms of days. (The order of this event might be flipped with the next one, I didn't keep detailed notes)

Sometime around day 70 (hard to keep track of because of the day bug), went back to the RoG world again, said day 48, 11 days of summer left (and dragonfly spawned). And going back to SW, spending time there, did not advance the 'days left on summer' at all. However summer still seems to be continuing on 'schedule' (or at least the messed up schedule it currently has), as long as I am in the RoG world.

TLDR: Day tracking is COMPLETELY broken (and this does affect hound waves, full moons ect, so it has actual gameplay effects, but doesn't seem to affect season progression, but season progression itself seems broken when transitioning worlds). From further testing with console in new games, seems like it's a case of 'reseting to days ORIGINALLY spent in that specific realm' or something like that

Somewhat unrelated: Appeasing the volcano fully still caused an eruption after I exited; seems to only delay eruption INSIDE the volcano rather then outside as well. Seems like living IN the volcano is safer then outside ATM during Dry Season.

I don't even want to know what going into Caves/Ruins in the RoG world will do to the days tracker.

Probably going to keep playing this world, will update if I see anything else interesting (unless I restart because this is pretty annoying tbh as I hate going back to day 1 over and over).

Steps to Reproduce
Pretty much described above, although it's not 100% clear to me EXACTLY what causes the issue, but it has to do with world hopping via the Seaworthy and spending time separately in both 'worlds', and then saving + exiting and loading the game, which seems to cause it to reset to some kind of 'days originally spent in the other realm' or something; the bug is not very clear to me. Sorry that I can't be more help, but it's a confusing bug to me even with console testing I'm not 100% sure on all the details.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Made and played another game to try to pin the issue down more:

Note when I say 'exited and loaded' I mean save and exit the game, then start up the same save file.

Started on SW (obviously), found the map generated Seaworthy (just incase console had something to do with it), went into it on day 12 on the SW world. When I got into the ROG world, it was 20 days of Autumn left, and Day 12, and exiting/loading did not seem to reset this in any way. So far it seemed to be working 'as intended'. The only oddity was me losing all my research/prebuilds when entering the RoG world.

On Day 30, I entered the Caves (still in the ROG world). This didn't appear to break anything, again tested exit/load. Was still Autumn at this point.

Day 39 I exited and loaded again, and this reset the day counter back down to 12 (the same number of days I originally spent in the SW world). This was done on the surface of the RoG world. I speculate the trigger for it 'breaking' at this point was either A: season flipping from Autumn to Winter, B: going into the caves, since this was the first time I exited and loaded since exiting the caves, or C: I THINK I completely exited the game program this time around, rather then just to the main menu. However it could be none of these, these are just the only ideas I can think of ATM.

Later on Day 39, I reentered the Caves and noticed that the day counter was accurate inside the caves (ie it said 39) even though it was 12 days on the surface.

On Day 47 I entered the Ruins, they appeared to work 'correctly' as the caves did in terms of day tracking, but the surface world was still broken.

On 13 days left of Spring (default seasons, so 12 days of SW, +20 days of autumn + 15 days of winter + 7 days of Spring = 'real Day 54' even though the surface day tracker said otherwise) I made the RoG Seaworthy and entered it, where I got back to the SW world at day 54 with 9 days of the Monsoon season left. I didn't double check, but this seemed to be the correct day/season cycle this time around (for whatever reason this part didn't break this time). Note that my prebuilds/tech DID carry over this time around.

Shortly after this point I accidentally took seaweed back through the SW > RoG Seaworthy and this corrupted my save file (I see this bug is already marked as fixed so I guess you guys have it fixed for the next version). So I can't play this game anymore. Might do more testing, but this bug seems to be hard to pin down the exact details/causes/progression of events. Hopefully the notes I've provided in both cases are at least a partial help in pinning down the issue.

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@Troxism Thanks a lot for this report, the amount of details was really helpful to track down the possible cause to this bug. I've added a fix that should take care of it, which will go out today on the new update. Let me know if the problem persists, your feedback is always welcome.

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