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Crash in the swamp

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  • Do you use mods?
             yes (a wip character mod and Architectural Geometry, the second one of which was disabled, and I wasn't playing as the modded character)
    Version Number


    Shipwrecked Build 167804 - Feb 25th

    Issue title

    Crash by something poisoned

    Steps to reproduce

    Stay in a swamp for a while

    Describe your issue

    It has happened two times in a row now:

    I am in the swamp, then something (probably poisoned by a poison hole) makes the game crash.

  • LOG > log.txt

Steps to Reproduce
Stay in a swamp for a while, unsure about the cause

User Feedback


a crash in case of poison happened to me too.

After the crash occured 3 times, the first 2 incidents happened after Packim Baggins got poisoned and lived with the poison for a while. I first thought it might be a swamp fly spawning or sth. but the third time i managed to get Baggins not poisoned and did not crash for 2 days. 

After the 2 days Baggins got poisoned again, and after a while the game crashed (screenshot attached).

I guess its the time when Baggins normaly would die or sth like that.

*edit* I don't use any Mods, just RoG and SW as DLC. *edit*

Best regards o7



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