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couple different bugs

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1.when you take a message in a bottle to the volcano. try to read it and it says ,"it doesn't appear to be a map of the area", and then leave the volcano the message become to smeared to read. it seams like when a message in a bottle is taken to the volcano it disconnects from its spot on the outer world.


2.also, i have looked through the bug forums and dont see much discussion about the bug with bioluminesence. a lot of streamers have said that it is a bug that bioluminesence only appears when you are near it during the day changes from dusk to night, making it extremely hard to find since you have to be right next to it at very specific time. there is also confusion about if bioluminesence is supposed to re-spawn, since people have code dived to find that the spawners for it deactivate just after world creation. bioluminesence will also sometimes bug and be visible and obtainable all day long. suggestion make it re-spawn seasonally(flooding season) or after a long while


thanks Klei and Capy for all the work you guys do. there seams to be a lot of misunderstanding about bioluminesence so a little bit of clarity would be awesome

Steps to Reproduce
1. take a message in a bottle to the volcano and try to read it. go outside of the volcano and the message become unreadable 2. description explains

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