Catcoon frog wars cause crash

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When there are catcoon dens near frog spawners, or (this time) due to a frog rain, leading to inter-mob battles as I go past on-screen, the game crashes. I took a picture of the error screen this time but so far it has happened every time since (at least) the Quacken update. I'm not using any mods.


Steps to Reproduce
Required: catcoon den, at least one living catcoon, lots of frogs. I wasn't involved, I was just walking past when chaos commenced!

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Hey, your crash log exactly same with mine. But in my game no frog rain happen before crash, also these hollow stump start to spawning catcoons, even if the previous catcoon still alive. Look, this is my thread: 


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