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Cannot Auto Attack Mosquitos

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Holding F on a keyboard does not auto attack mosquitos, even though they are considered a hostile mob. This can be quite a nuisance because they are hard to click on. Instead, one has to wait until the mosquito moves in to attack before holding F will have the character swing their weapon. This also is annoying for trying to defend you doydoy birds and Packim because it is easy to accidentally click on them rather than the mosquito due to its small size.

Steps to Reproduce
Spawn mosquito. Hold auto attack button on keyboard. Character will not engage until the mosquito moves in to attack the player

User Feedback

I am not sure if you know this but Left Ctrl + F will attack friendly things like butterflys and pigs without having to click so it might be a bug but that is the way you might have to go about it because the Ctrl + F works for me 

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