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Bugs in SW build 167890

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1. in this version 167890 and last version. my game crashed when i used wilbur and woodlegs(I don't know if other characters like this) in the volcano. i didn't do nothing, just ran. Sometimes it crashed, sometimes not. Is there anyone like me? Could you help me to fix this.

2.when I was unlocking the new character woodlegs, his name showed MISSING NAME.

3. when i put a dead dog fish on a drying rack, there was no dog fish's picture hanging on the rack. the dog fish's picture was missing. While  others like monster meat, meat is normal. After the meat was dried  the dried meat could show again.

4. When use the teleportato base to transport to a new word, if you change your character to warly, his portable cook pot will not spawn. Then Warly will lost his portable crock pot forever.

5. sometimes  snakes drop nothing, is this normal?

Another problem(not bug) the ship, sea legs, is tooooooooooooooo   slow, have you considered to speed it up a little?

That's all so far, I will keep playing to find other bugs(I wish there won't be).

By the way, I love this game very much, thank klei. 

Steps to Reproduce
Just offical characters ran in volcano

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