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[Bug] Everything shrivels day 1 of Dry Season

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So I made it to summer in my Wilbur world, but on the first day of summer every living thing wilted. EXCEPT limpet rocks lol which was what the update said was going to happen.

-Berry bushes

Every living thing is unobtainable, and I doubt this is intentional, all of these are 100% gone on every island that I checked before closing.

Steps to Reproduce
Play Wilbur(possibly) Get to summer

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Well, this is the same mechanic like in RoG summer. The only difference is that it doesn't happen IMMEDIATELY to all plants on screen. You need an ice flingomatic to keep your vines, grass, farms, bamboos from withering.

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This is not the same mechanic. Being similar is not the same thing as being the same. Yes things shrivel in Shipwrecked, but if you've gotten to summer before you know that the shriveling process was much slower than RoG. Also, it is not on screen, it is a worldwide day 1 wither.


So, are you still going to say "oh it's not that bad just build flingomatic"?

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Excuse me good Sir, since there is no way for me to know how experienced you are as a RoG player just by reading your pseudonym and your post, I was trying to give a helpful answer for beginners.

I know it's stupid to talk semantics on a video game forum, but let's do it:
The mechanic is withering, something becoming dry due to being exposed to great heat (and in real life insufficient irrigation). It is exactly the same both in RoG and SW. How fast, what and how far away something withers don't change the mechanic itself.

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its the same for my Game. Its ironic, its raining, everything is flooded, Stuff in my Base isn't working because of that but everything
withered immediately at day one of dry season... and I can not believe this is a feature development wants to be like that.







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