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A compilation of bugs

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Hello, with the help of reddit I gathered a good deal of bugs most likely related to the SW integration. Sorry if some of them have already been reported or fixed.

  1. Beefalo sometimes spawn with no face
  2. From time to time you get a Hound Attack when you relog without taking into account when the previous one occured
  3. Old Bell Blueprint and even Glommer Statue not here
  4. No recipes for Luxury Fan, Belt Of Hunger, and a few other items
  5. Telelocator Staff may crash your game
  6. Killing Doydoy in RoG crash the game
  7. World hopping in SW reset RoG Caves
  8. World Hopping in SW do not reset Volcano
  9. Picking Cactuses in Summer crash the game
  10. Slurpers despawn when they latch onto a player, but the light remains
  11. Game crashes randomly when inside the Volcano
  12. Elephant Cacti once fertilized by the Dry Season, will never lose their fertilized state (Can never dig it afterwards)
  13. A lot of SW setpieces and elements bleed over into RoG (also the other way too), and this is especially true when changing world settings
  14. Koalefants do not run from players
  15. Default Berry Bushes don't show up in the map. Fancy Berry Bushes still show up on the map
  16. Packim Baggims will cause a crash if you go off the edge of the world with him
  17. Sometimes when examining items in SW and ROG Wilbur and Wes will talk despite normally not being able to talk (Wes has been saying "I can't do that" for long time though)
  18. If you have an item with 0% Durability in your inventory (I think there is an exploit to do that) and you drop it on the ground the game crash
  19. Webbers crafting recipe for the spider den is missing
  20. Dying in and reviving outside the volcano can make your world a glitchy mess
  21. Hunger Belt and Hibearnation Vest have no effect on hunger
  22. Can't build Limestone Suit without standing next to an Alchemy Engine, even though it is prototyped
  23. Merms in a merged Reign of Giants world are dropping 1 Fish Morsel rather than 1 Fish and 1 Frog Legs
  24. Sometimes unable to hack a fully bloated whale (the whale will explode shortly after)
  25. Digging up a Poison Birchnut Tree stump does not yield a Living Log but a regular Log instead, may only happen if you unload the area.
  26. In RoG during winter, birds are still dropping seeds, and the are no snowbirds (red birds still spawning in grassland biomes), and butterflies are also still spawning on flowers.

Good luck Capy & Klei :wilson_ninja:

Steps to Reproduce
Most are self-explanatory.
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