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  2. Your NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M is not supported by ONI. Force the mac to use your other card.
  3. I always hated her, she was just unfair and impossible to defeat without cheesing with her 30 attacks every second and her 7829349099999 splash damage attack. However, I've seen some videos where she doesn't get into her enraged form that quickly, has she been nerfed? Is she now more fun to fight or are these guys simply using mods and the console to their advantage?
  4. Mr. Boof's Wild Ride



    All aboard! This mod is so good, it will make you play for hours on end. Known incompatibilities: - Don't Play Together
  5. I agree with this idea to add microchip where we could build some logic contraptions. It would save a lot of space. Only problem is that we won't be able to see entire setup if some gates were in microchip and others outside. For more experienced players it wouldn't be a problem but for others it might be. About printing machine. It's not needed. Dupes just would see that microchip need materials and worktime to build internal logic gates and wires.
  6. Petition for Forge on Consoles

    Then let’s hope they think it’s worth it!
  7. Load my save and see if it lags

    @Octyabr HOLY! You've worked some kind of magic! I replicated your save by deconstructing the ladders and changing some doors and WOW! I am amazed. Yes 20 fps! I'll have to redesign the whole base. And Thank You! Now I can actually listen to music while playing. My jaw hasn't come back from the floor yet. Good night. I'll come back tomorrow if there are other replies.
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  9. On the time you will see today, Boarrior spawned at 9:42.
  10. Whoa man, go easy on paths! Do this and fps rockets to 60: If you give duplicants way too many possible paths, the game tries to calculate all possible combinations, make paths as linear as possible, that means ladders in only one column. Something more or less like this (mind the mess) With that in mind (remember, 1 column ladders) it now runs at 22~30fps: TheSuperDuperAcropolis.sav
  11. Maybe they won't~ QvQ Anyway, there is huge differences between 14:xx and 12:xx.... At first, we thought they left some mobs behind and ignored them so that they could take down the final boss directly. But we took a test the day before yesterday, left a Snortoise after the Boarrior. Guess what. The game won't end. You have to kill all the mobs... So there can only be one reasonable explaination. Their team is too more efficient, just like a mob killing machine. LOL
  12. Can I still play The Forge after Nov 30th? No, the event will end at that time but we do hope to bring it back in the future if it is successful.
  13. The Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks Thread

    The most effective way to improve ranged DPS is using some tricks to avoid attack backswing. there are two already-known ways to do that. One is Pressing F key for continuous attack. And when you see(or feel) the missile comes out, then use WASD key or your mouse left-click to the ground nearby you, just move a little bit your character in a very short period of time. Repeat the process above, find a certain rhythm of moving click and you will find your character can attack really fast. This method can be only manipulated on staff weapons. Another one is using your mouse or tablet pen left-click 2 or more enemy targets by sequence and loop. Just switch target and attack them as quickly as you can by catching your attack time. This method can be only manipulated on both staff weapons and dart weapons. Have fun guys~
  14. Load my save and see if it lags

    Whew, glad it wasn't just me. Yeah, I'll start sectioning each material to their own storage bins. And Thank You! That was really helpful. I deconstructed the storages and swept the floor using debug mode but that didn't do much. However after turning a good portion of the bottom map into abyssalite...I went from 1 fps to 19 fps! Which makes sense because the lag started when I dug close to the oil biome. I know the picture shows 9 fps but this is with the whole map visible.
  15. I don't think the fastest team is willing to share their tactics
  16. In-game display of Elegant forge items

    Huh. i just checked the rest of the thread. redundancy at its finest
  17. Woah storage locker invasion ^^ Yes i get 1-3 FPS max. You can prevent that a bit, when you store only one material in one storage locker and then lock them up, in a locked room. That really helps. I try to store most in locked rooms like here. Look at my FPS left top corner and i run an old i-2500k.. Sometimes it drops below 20, but after the performance updates, it runs ok.
  18. There is a post about this, trying to find it, you would have to use console commands and create a new world to attach the sinkholes, but its possible
  19. Since the Automation update (which happens to have coincided with upgrading my OS to High Sierra), the game has been crashing extremely frequently on me. I've just hit cycle 3 of the first base since the update, and it's crashed 3-4 times. As far as I can tell the crashes happen when too much stuff is going on, e.g. Cycling between overlays Opening the research tab Dragging the dig command over a large area In the previous (oil) update I would get a crash similar to these maybe once in every 30-50 cycles played, and rarely in the first few dozen cycles of each base. Processor: 2.3 GHz i7 RAM: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB, Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB
  20. Please add the Nox Helmet Skin

    It can appear without a Wigfrid, but a Wigfrid must join first. So, if one joins a match, and later on leaves, the spiral spear can still appear. Know this cause my brother got the spear as Wolfgang once with no Wigfrid around, but there was one at the beginning that left around the snortoise or scorpeon wave.
  21. I'm actually not sure I need a continuous flow. I was thinking that some kind of on-off cycle timer on the both the aquatuner and pump migth be enough but I'm not entirely sure how to set that up with automation. The clock thing doesn't seem to do exactly what I want, I want more of an on-off duty cycle. It would have to be combined with a temperature switch as well so it never turns on if the oil is too cold so that it doesn't freeze. To clarify my original staircase design had continious flow as well, it just wasn't visible in the screenshot because the bypass pipe was inside the tiles. In that design when the tuner was on, 50% of the water would still bypass it and when it was off all the liquid would flow through the bypass pipe. It actually worked pretty well but it just felt ugly to me that when I was actively cooling I was only actively cooling 50% of the liquid. The new system also has continiouus flow but when the tuner is active it now cools 100% of the liquid instead of just 50%, thanks to the automation liquid shutoffs. If I just measure the temperature in the oil basin and stop the entire system based on that, stopping the continuous flow, I'm afraid it will create hot spots in the loop where I'm trying to cool the base. So yes I think it helps with a more uniform temp everywhere but I should do some more testing on that. Oh and yes that screenshot with the slickster show's exactly the phenomenon I had noticed as well. I'm pretty sure that would cause this cooling bug. I think it might be because they suddenly create way more oil instantly in 1 frame than what vents can do, so liquid dripping from vents never becomes a solid tile before it hits the rest of the liquid level while oil from slicksters seem to form a tile that falls down.
  22. Thanks a lot. Searched the forums but didn't find the topic was already adressed. Thanks again.
  23. LOL. You are funny dude. XD The Lua script which checks the conditions of game ending is running on the server-side so that we cannot override it. All I want to know is that how long will be taken while your team reaching the final boss Boarrior and with all other mobs are cleared? Here is a approximate time line of our team's records: 3:10-3:20 Snortoise wave spawns. 5:10-5:20 Scorpeon wave spawns. 7:10-7:20 Two Snortoises and two Scorpeons (with one Boarilla attachs soon after) wave spawns. 9:00-9:15 Two Boarillas wave spawns. About 11:20 Final boss comes out and the last Boarilla died. And our best shot to take down Boarrior will cost us at least 2:30... So we're all with great curiosity that how comes the record 12:07 was been made. And we will appreciate that you could give us some hints or tricks about that technic, especially about the phase of final boss.
  24. Doodles 'n Stuff

    i always forget to post here
  25. I can't seem to play anymore since it lags too much. Could someone load it and see if it lags on their PC? I'm down to about 1-2 fps... This could be the limit for this PC if it's working normally. Thank you for your help. The Super Duper Acropolis.sav
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