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  2. I for one will end my diatribe about the Wes pick with present post. Will just state this: there is a portion of forum visitors - you can name them casuals, heh - that comes here for information; not jokes or memes, not for reading puns in all or most topics - just information regarding some specific subjects of interest. And those are not into the "inside joke" thingy and don't even care about it. Sure, again, you could giggle you've pranked a neophyte, kudos to ye, you're za man and all that. Will the lad/lass that got pranked be happy about it? Probably not if all they wanted was valid information about something. And reading everywhere "Wes is best" and then even "Wes can go insane day 1 to farm nightmare fuel" could convince them said character has something good going on, making him valuable to a team when most Wes players on pubs are just dead weight. Yes, pubs of random people, the ones you most avid forumites avoid like the plague and brag about it as well, afterwards making statements with generalization claim - for pub people as well On the subject at matter: Woodie, Wigfrid, Wolf, Wicker, WX, even Willow are all good on the nomad front. Also depends to some extend on the season.
  3. Category: Crash Platform: Steam Uses mods: Yes, but disabling them makes no difference Version: Rev 222215 Issue Title: Game crashes when loading save Steps to reproduce: Just loading the save Issue: I decided to enter the caves on one of my saves and as soon as the loading screen was finished the game crashed to desktop with no error. Upon attempting the reload the save the game enters an unresponsive state and then crashes to desktop with no error. I've included my log file. I've been in the caves on an earlier, different save file with the same mods and had no issues whatsoever. log.txt
  4. Well I too have suggested, and would like, a actual flow control switch. But if you needed it for a solution there are options. Also, if you've structured your flow control properly the filter would run at most 50% but probably less, depending on the proportional distribution of the flow.
  5. I think I understand now. My images, for some odd reason, are not in RGB color. The hair-3.png you've supplied worked like a charm, yet the pigtails are causing an error now. How would I fix them?
  6. "(CH4) Natural Gas is a mixture of various alkanes in a Gaseous state." I find this confusing because CH4 is Methane, one gas and not a mixture, so is Natural Gas pure Methane or is it a mixture of different gasses and Methane is the one gas that there is the most of?
  7. Excuse me, can you please explain this for me? I'm still learning about the mechanics of this great game
  8. I believe you should do some code reading on character mods and relative posts first... Or, what you need is to find a teammate...
  9. Indeed, the problem is the optimizing module doesn't support indexed color, you need convert the last image (hair-3/hair_hat-3) into RGB color. like this
  10. I remember that as well, but then again, it's happening to plastic also, which has a fairly high specific heat that'd more than compensate for its smaller mass compare to tiles and doors. However, the "using granite pipe to cool liquid" bug where heat is added just completely stumped me. I can't understand how it's happening to granite but not sandstone, when the two are so similar.
  11. An interesting idea, I think this could work heat glitch-wise and save some power on pumping water. Though its size will make the boiler very slow to heat up and cool down and making it self-regulate its input would be challenging because the water channel will have a lot of inertia going behind it once the pump that feeds water into it gets shut down.
  12. @Reaniel Interesting, I think I recall a thread in which @Risu and/or other code divers looked at the code for heat transfer and discovered that it was likely due to some strange temperature clamping being done and that it apparently can happen whenever a small mass and a large mass exchange heat. But perhaps it might be more correct to say that a small total heat capacity is actually what causes it. With buildings having 1/5th of their construction mass and wolframite having a relatively tiny heat capacity, this might explain why it's more prominent with Wolframite and not so much with Granite and Sandstone. The tiny heat capacity wolframite pipes are exchanging heat with 1000 kg tiles of water, which has one of the largest heat capacities in the game.
  13. So for the longest time, all buildings only required one material to build and I was assuming that devs were avoiding making any require more because perhaps the programming needed to make multiple materials in one building work wasn't in the game (such as how thermal conductivity works, also I'm not counting the hand sanitizer because bleach stone is basically its "fuel" and you need to keep refilling it). Now we have the petroleum generator which requires metal and plastic and whether it was always possible to have building that are made of multiple materials or not, I think more buildings should require more than one material. For example, planter boxes and farm tiles only require cultivable soil, but they should also require raw mineral. Hydroponic farm tiles only require raw metal but should also require cultivable soil. All buildings that need power should require at least some metal in my opinion (fridges for example only need raw mineral). It would also be fitting if the comfy beds would require reed fiber and it would also give reed fiber another use, as it doesn't have any uses beyond making some clothing or suits at the moment. There's probably more examples of buildings that could or should require multiple materials and there will probably also be more buildings that require plastic but not only plastic in the future (like the petroleum generator). Also, this isn't related but I think it's not worth to make a new thread for it. I think deodorizers should require power. They're very easy and cheap to use at the moment and even if they just required some power, it would make it less easy to put them everywhere. I believe they are currently also the only buildings that look like they require power but don't actually do. I also think that it should be possible to flip them and put them on ceilings. I don't think it makes the game more challenging or interesting that a tiny building like them requires its own tile, it's just annoying. I wouldn't be surprised if it was originally only possible to place them on ceilings like it was revealed for air scrubbers to have been the case on a stream, expect for air scrubbers it makes sense to only allow placing them on the floor because CO2 sinks, while it would make sense for deodorizers to be attachable to the ceiling since polluted oxygen rises in oxygen. Lastly, this has been mentioned a bunch of times and was probably just an oversight and not even intended, but air deodorizers shouldn't count as industrial machinery for the purpose of rooms.
  14. [Game Update] - 233745

    this means we cannot make Surf'n'Turf in SW compatible RoG worlds anymore?
  15. yes I noticed that if there is no suit there it just keeps eating all the O2
  16. More liquid heat transfer mess... I was just wanting to test how viable it is to use plastic tiles as a heat conductor (since I'm still a bit iffy when it comes to spamming bridges). And... SURPRISE! It's freaking bugged! So very much like the case with Wolframite, plastic would take away more heat than the other testing materials, but then destroys a portion of that heat in the process. I don't know, it just seems like liquid heat transfer is extremely buggy when you have a highly conductive material involved. I guess it's best to stick to cooling/heating liquids with a aquatuner if I want to avoid unintended heat destruction. I do wonder, though, that if wolframite aquatuner would be bug-free or not.
  17. Woodie is hands down the best character for nomadding. He has absoloutely no issues with sanity, minor insulation, and so long as it isnt winter, he can get food from birchnuts. Plus, there's always beaver mode if you're feeling freaky. I've done nomadding playstyles myself, and heck, woth woodie, im able to join a game early winter and survive on my own until spring.
  18. Doesn't matter. The dupes are a very progressive society.
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  20. how do you know which ones are men and women?
  21. The asteroid has no laws - bride or groom? Congratulations!
  22. Well yes, but when you get a random suffocating warning it is quite problematic. Another side effect is that the dupe can die in the door next to the checkpoint. In that case no one succeed to pick him up because the unsuiting animation makes the dupe drop the corpse
  23. *drops quarter on floor at house*

    *bends over to pick it up*

    *grabs quarter (rolled under filing cabinet)*

    *hand touches something when coming out*

    *goes prone and identifies unknown object*


    It's... It's!


  24. Disable the checkpoint until you have power, gas and suits in place
  25. They need an exosuit, to enter exosuit checkpoint! ^^
  26. When deconstructing a building that contains resources, it leaves behind any gas it contained as a bottle of said gas, which becomes impossible to remove. I have tested this with Hydrogen generators, deodorizers, and C02 skimmers, and have numerous bottles of C02, 02, polluted 02, and H2
  27. That took a while, to catch those slimepoopers. Why the heck dupes and NPC could walk diagonal through locked pneumatic doors?
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