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  2. @Yank31 in my previous savegame i used a buid from biopon for rocket detection paired whit one auto rocket launcher, and loader for oxidizer and fuel..When i will be home i will make for you some printscrens. No busted doors, minimum power consumption.
  3. Made a mod that adds that feature:
  4. from what i have heard, this mod just seems to add random tweaks and random small features, and they're not even related to the topic you can't just have you and your friends spamming this over and over in every thread that's about adding more content to the game, all merely on the excuse that the mod adds more content to the game if your mod project isn't getting as much attention as you want, then go make your own thread about it instead of attempting to hijack other threads
  5. A Maxwell on your boat will reduce the chance to sink: His Shadow Miners are capable to walk on water and to mine any Sea Stack on your way. If combined with a Ghost Character, he'll become able to gather salt with no effort: The Miners will mine all the Salt Formations and the Ghost (if skilled enough) haunt all the mined salt towards Maxwell. If you manage to kill Cookie Cutters with 2 strikes (Which is achieved with a Tentacle Spike, a fresh Ham Bat or a Dark Sword), then they won't be able to fight back while cutting your cookie.
  6. ayyy just got the same thing after reading this
  7. ONI University

    im not sure if people can actually search for it on the wiki to find the ONI university page on the wiki, you'll have to search "user:blackberrest3/oni university and thats not great. i think its because, as you mentioned, someone moved it to your user page
  8. I wish dst was as full and unique as Hamlet, with many different mechanics and creatures, like big ponds forests and towns (one Lovecraftian in Moon Island and one in normal), from Hamlet and different sea locations from Shipwrecked. Compared to Hamlet dst looks pretty empty for now. But I think Klei know such feels and pretty soon we will see a lot of different and very creative content.
  9. Steel walls all around are what you want for a silo anyway if you are opening during a storm. Plus they conduct heat to your silo cooling system much better than insulation. Nativel/Ket's and OxCD's approaches are both nice. No need for doors really, but I prefer to keep an atmosphere in my silo to keep it nice and chilled.
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  11. I need help with the forum itself

    I have more questions about the wiki, but I want this thread to remain about the forum so I will create a new topic when I have them ready.
  12. There's "I'm Wes main" option. But, I made fixes to be clear.
  13. i just started a level in the basement and it happened... I played a level just before without issue.
  14. i think that this is art

    I love this and I love her and I praise you for drawing the best boss in the game
  15. I play Wolfgang. He's bugged now and deals double damage in mighty form for some reason. Cheesiest cheese of all times
  16. i think that this is art

  17. Wurt

    I think we did, maybe for 2/3 posts (I hope).
  18. Wurt

    Have we once ever talked about what his perks would be, or the goat people in general? XD
  19. Wurt

    I love how we went from trying to know Who is Wurt ? to Update today hype ! to Everyone being sad because no official news post. (*Insert parkour ! meme*)
  20. Turns out i did put old underwear on my head, for halloween, when younger. Such comfort. I get what you say, good common sense too, however 2 things : - I like doors. And automation. Is a game. Also picture a little guy regularly sending rocks into your barrel. Not nice. - meteors drunk, cant fall straight. So while bunker tiles on ground are indeed good - they do mix quite well with insulated mafic, marking the spot nicely - if you go without doors, you will want those on the walls as well. Else walls go wtf. Do you have tall rockets? I do, they're 55 tiles tall. That's ~ 120 steel tiles just for 1 silo walls. 12 tons. 2 bunkers doors are worth one ton (that's twelve times cheaper). We do have a scanner that can detect returning rockets. What could this be for? Now you're talking to me. Yes... yeeeeeees, I can see it taking form now.
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    No one: Me reading all the new memes coming around on Maxwell memes:
  22. ONI University

    Before I go and do a bunch of stuff on the wiki side of things, I decided it was time to better categorize the threads. Imagine this as adding sub-sections to the general discussion page on the forums. Why I chose wiki can be found here. The wiki page can be found here and the discussion for changes you want to add can be found here. This is a work in progress and opens the door for anyone and everyone to edit in what they want. The wiki also makes it easy to see a history of changes and all of them can be accessed so don't be afraid to make edits. The ONI University page on the forums is not going anywhere. The wiki will only help to improve this page. I am still very new to the platform so any tips/tricks are welcome.
  23. I do appreciate this topic as this question also popped-up to me. As an alternate way, you can completely avoid scanner and build water clock system that allow you to time exactly when the rocket will return. Could be a manual system, where you choose when your rocket is taking off, so you set the timer manually every time, or could be a cyclic system, when the rocket is set for "auto-launch", and then you use the output automation port of the rocket to start the clock, which have always the same length.
  24. Jumping into this exact spot in Explore mode, I am unable to move, and the game eventually auto kills me.
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