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  2. Run for your life, Shopkeep!
  3. Maybe the game should adds a craft-able item that gives a circle indication of when will the next hounds attack be,so you can avoid be on the boat by the time being. Varg should drop part of the crafting materials. Alternatively, maybe varg should drop a consumable howling item, upon using it, the hounds will disappear untill the next attack circle. It would be interesting if this particular type of varg can only be found on the island.
  4. Random Islands Generation

    it's probably not wise to invest into mega bases on a beta, you know?
  5. You're invited to the PMs too, just me, you, and Freya
  6. But if you find any other interesting quotation then share it with all of us, mere mortals :'D
  7. Random Islands Generation

    each new island added will require you to start over again though... I hope they put all map generated structures there once for all, so they can keep adding stuffs without requiring new map generation.
  8. All right, I'm just going to move this convo about Wendy to pms. Let's get back to the virtuosity of the Survivors ok?
  9. How a doodle evidence she is faking her depression. What's quite the overreach quite honestly
  10. Based on the quote where she's hiding the fact that she's doing something "carefree" from the other Survivors. Yeah, me too.
  11. I was ironic, you haven't seen the smiley face?
  12. Nope. I don't have another vision. I just go by the evidence and u go about suppositions. Just because a person is related to another is no argument for saying they share the same personality. Sorry but this is just a very flawed argument that doesn't really say anything about Wendy. Even brothers can be very different from each other even if they share similar parents and growing up conditions. Based on what?
  13. "M...maybe I'll doodle something... When no one's looking." She's not happy all the time, but she still has some fun. depressed =/= not happy I never said she was faking the whole thing, I said we she was faking an aspect of it (likely as a result of her depression).
  14. If you know how to help me, please respond. Found it! It was in dont_starve\data\DLC0003\scripts\prefabs!
  15. We have two visions of the thing a little different, that's okay :'D However Wendy is Maxwell's nephew, it seems to be a family gift being "Machiavellian" (By Kaddson of Deviantart)
  16. [Game Update] - 336897

    >hamlet turf isn't leaky anymore Finally.
  17. Wesson (DS)

    Love that TF2 reference!
  18. Want to do large-scale cooling? Steam turbine. The aquatuner moves heat, the turbine removes it. You can set up a temperature-controlled door gate to transfer heat incredibly quickly from your hot petroleum (or sour gas) to a turbine without the need for a thermium aquatuner.
  19. So... to make a good ceramic, you need : 60 kg of Fertilizer, 5 kg of Copper 50 kg of Sand 5 kg of Micronutrient fertilizer, 130 kg of Glass, 75 kg of Coal, 80 kg of Clay and 220 kf of Gold amalgam. Bon appétit !
  20. I actually was mentioning some boat-cannons and rifles. Also in that case it would be nice to change the gunpowder recipe, cuz rotten eggs are not the easiest thing to obtain. May be adding some source of brimstone would be great.
  21. Again the " thinks perhaps" stuff is just speculation that has no evidence. Pls quote her. She doesn't really fear people not liking her for her depression. She just is depressed and she likes to be sorrounded by ghosts. She is morbid and depressed... That's it. That's doesn't mean she is playing mental chess thinking pleope are not gonna like her cuz she is somehow recovering from depression which is again a bit Suposition that has absolute no base in the game. Pls quote where u see she is faking something. Don't just suposse she is faking cuz u feel she might. She is not hiding her happiness cuz she is not happy. if you don't know that u clearly don't get her. She is not happy that's the whole point and somehow saying she is faking her state is pretty weird to say quite honestly.
  22. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Oh yeah definitely! A lot of the models are roughs so I haven't bothered with smoothing groups at all yet. That one in particular I'm going to go hi-poly and make it look chiseled it in zBrush.
  23. We’re so accustomed to being able to outrun any danger, this one of the first instances where we’re not fast enough. That’s more about boat speed than it is swimming hounds. I’m hoping that in the future we’ll see boats more along the lines of Shipwrecked’s boats, boats designed for travel, ones that you can use to kite.
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