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  2. So. I got fishes in a tank, I sent them there from a breeding stable, however they are dying off. Was 20 a while ago. In my experience population should stay stable if you don't feed them. So how come they are dying before laying any egg.. its like 5 of them left now
  3. I wonder if she has benefits of being wet? Nothing of no sanity loss from wet items were mentioned in the introduction. So - we will still have to make wetness-protection for her? I'd appreciate an immunity. Maybe an opposite of WX' perk "rain damage" - small HP regeneration in the rain/being wet. Of course she could an extra downside for that... She is amphibious so she could take heat/cold worse than others. Imo she looks like a green Webber: Dislike Pigs, can craft homes for follower, get some advantage on a specific turf, has a single food advantage griefing with mermhouses at the portal, Of course she has some more abilities but you get the point.
  4. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Um...signature? I didn't even know this existed. I guess I never checked the extra options of my account settings page.
  5. At first look everything looks right. you can add more prints/print some things ingame to. So check if the fueltype and tags are really there while being ingame. you can use c_select() and hover over the thing with mouse. Or use c_findnext(prefab) to use the things within console.
  6. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Yes it is very awesome and without the mathmanicanilluminati, this knowledge would not be around here so public. You communicated before, with grand master math and you did not read his signature once?
  7. Any idea why mod works fine on server without caves, but suddenly stops working when they are caves enabled?
  8. Hi, I'm trading my Carpet Bag : If possile, with an other chest reskin or ant distinguished skin. Here's my trade link to check my inventory. Thanks
  9. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the truw
  10. I am quite sick of my dupes carrying slime or bleach stone from one end of my base to supply a hand sanitizer or algae distiller, only to have them drop it halfway. I added storage on beside these structures with their own supply. Why do the dupes supply one a hundred of tiles away? It will be great if checkpoints can be added to limit certain supply from passing through
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  12. I remember why I switched from 3 liquid to 4 liquid air locks In the event a dupe starts to suffocate they will run to the lock in order to breath the O2 on the other side However a dupe doesn't need to be inside a block of O2 in order to breath it in one of my past experiments When that happens a dupe will stop inside the liquid to catch it's breath, and break it due to exhaling CO2 having a 2 block dip prevents this forcing the dupe to jump the gap
  13. Well, I don't think we're getting Wortox's high health pool with Wurt here. I can imagine her having around 125 max health(?) to balance out the fact that she's probably going to have a more follower based playstyle with buffed merms to fight and kite for her. I'm not sure on how much sanity or hunger she'll have, since this is the first female merm ever shown(?), I don't think we have any idea how the lady merms behave. Still, super excited!
  14. I've wanted to start doing this with you folks, because I believe it would not only help improve my mediocre digital art, but it also gives me a chance to connect with the community! Here's my little salad baby, staring into a hot spring. In case I don't get another chance to finish it!
  15. если на на последней карте много прыгать возле этого места то ты можешь либо застрять либо перепрыгнуть стенку хотя теоретически ее там невозможно перепрыгнуть
  16. At least last year they were jumping over gaps, here's a post from this one guy.
  17. naah, that’s too little, low stats coming with that would be ok, but something tells me that we won’t see that.
  18. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the fart
  19. i cant do this

  20. Unless there was an update/hot fix that I didn't know about, dupes will step down and up 1 tile deep gaps Can any one confirm?
  21. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Extended use on forums without rest may lead to carpal tunnel, obesity, or back pain. This is awesome, I don't know why I haven't been using this before. With this "site: intitle:pacu" I am able to find all pages that have pacu in the title without repeats for example. Operators make it so much easier. I'm going to do more searches this way, thanks. I still think that having a list on one page is a time saver especially if you do not know what you are searching for. Sometimes people browse just for the enjoyment of it. I tried to do a couple searches to see if I could find another collection post and I got this. Someone else had a similar idea. Another Discussion
  22. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    That was my father's intention. He really loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Not to the point he knows episodes but enough to explain the different type of trains. Adam ruins microwaves. To be honest, Adam kind of looks like Eraserhead.
  23. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I know, hence why me and my father explained in the description that is the name of the university. Glad the ensemble turned out fine. The pink lighting was not my intention, it came from layer effects. Guardian gets a surprise visitor as night comes.
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