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  2. Oh hey that reminds me of the mod @PeterA made! which... became the gorge. Huh. But that's a cool take on a different approach to PvP instead of it just being survival or combat focused! I like it.
  3. Some points were discussed like the panflute effect on players, which I think most agreed on agree some sort of mode that isn't related to dst... Probs like a forge arena.. Also more weapons to make combat more varied. the PvP group vs group was also another topic some people agreed on . Added to the special missions idea.. That might work pretty well with a group vs group scenario I might have forgotten some other points at the moment.. But that's pretty much the gist of it this divide is kinda hard to navigate when people arent willing to listen to each other or to give ideas that are productive... I think PVP has a place... But isn't 2019... And that's important to get to avoid disappointment.. I mean.. I tried... Also the notion that people might not care about PvP somehow is unacceptable to some people and I think this thread shows that some people just don't care for it.. Not because is broken.. Just because they don't... They play dst to play cooperatively Anyways I think it's all in all a first approach but we will have to wait and see
  4. Addendum: I've done some reading in that counterflow heat exchange thread you linked and it seems my notions of using high conductivity tiles like diamond or metal are surpassed by their experiments using (diamond) tempshift plates and hydrogen. If that is easy enough to build for you, definitely try that out!
  5. I'd like to see a PvP with goal, more like a mini-game in PvE mode at a random time. Such: Hunt: Players disputing who would be the first to find and capture an NPC animal (as a Koalefant). Collect and build: Players competing for resources to build a special tool for themselves that gives them advantages in the default game. Cook: Players compete for who can complete a menu with multiple recipes first (as gorge). All this with improved mechanics, where each player on the server would need to meet small requirements before the main mission (collect resources, build items...).
  6. [Game Update] - 328894

    where is dst update info tho
  7. Update question

    Cca. 25 minutes till "Rhymes with Play" - maybe will get some news then. Update though.. doubt it. Probably next week.
  8. Weird Headcannons

    Webber has been learning how to sew in his spare time with all the excess silk he has been gathering. Wagstaff is trying to find a way to harness magic in a practical way without the... side effects, that caused the downfall of the ancients, so far the only thing he has managed to make is a fridge, currently is attempting to make a generator out of red gems, but cannot seem to get enough heat out of them to boil water without nm fuel. Maxwell, after overhearing Wortox saying that he does not know how to use the codex, has been trying to learn more about the codex, along with trying to make his more lackluster shadow's a bit more controllable.
  9. [Game Update] - 328894

    What a big update
  10. Another PvP Poll

    "Are you interested in PvP at all? Yes No" You should also have a 3rd option, "undecided/maybe" because there are "ifs" attached to it, at least in my case. "Should PvP be replaced as a seperate game mode?" - you mean a mode with different balance from PvE? Aka PvE remains with current track of ANR2 re-balance while PvP should have different and strict mechanical re-balance (nerfs and such) - basically 2 separate re-balances for PvE and PvP respectively?
  11. Beta specific fixes: Added the missing Wagstaff Mount files to fix a crash when trying to play Wagstaff on a non Hamlet compatible world View full update
  12. 328894

    Beta specific fixes: Added the missing Wagstaff Mount files to fix a crash when trying to play Wagstaff on a non Hamlet compatible world
  13. imagine if suggestions or modding help threads had this much attention. Would be wonderful. I think I'm gonna throw a hot take here : pvp is only attractive to organized groups trying to feed off "ragequits". Separately PvP has zero appeal, but when you bring your own circle of discord buddies to monopolize a world and bully newcomers I imagine it's a wonderful experience. If 30% of the playerbase is into this then so be it. Surely that means 30% of the playerbase is trolls and griefers and that seems about right. Somehow our blue hedgehog friend strikes to me as the sort of person into this thing.
  14. Unlimited objects from Printing Pod

    Sure its one thing to play with sandbox mode or without. But if you choose not to use it, why do actively use a bug? It makes not sense. Yes, under very rare conditions, you may run into this by accident. But otherwise you have to take action all by yourself. Its not gamebreaking, because you choose to use it.
  15. Update question

    Still nothing as of now, We've got the daily item refresh about 10 minutes ago but no update or news that I've seen in-game or on steam so far... hopefully something else comes out today... who knows. Here's to hoping!
  16. Another PvP Poll

    PvP in dst sucks because in general the combat mechanics are very lackluster which makes pvp basically the same as playing tag.. At least that's how it felt when I last tried it ! Also, some things are completely broken in PvP like ice staff, panflute, ect. For PvP to get better there would have to be a big overhaul changing how many things work and making combat much more complex than holding F such as adding sprinting, dodging, a stamina bar to preform attacks, sprint, and dodge, light attacks, medium attacks, heavy attacks, weapon based attacks, special attacks (like Forge), possibly even spells, stuff like that. Which to be honest I don't ever see Klei changing how combat works in dst since it's focused on being a pve survival game, but modders maybe one day.
  17. It's a real shame, there was room for good discussion in here (not just saying that because of my posts :^) ) And there still is room for discussion if people start discussing the subject matter instead of the thread overall! I don't think this topic is dead just yet. What about characters that spawn with items? Do you think they should have them when PvP is enabled? When I played PvP you'd find lighters, battle spears, spider nests and so on and so forth all over the place. Really makes the dark not an issue in the slightest when you're always within 5ft of a lighter. Also spiders. Both probably real facts. In my opinion I think characters shouldn't spawn with their items in PvP. Most of the time they're easy to craft or unnecessary to early game survival.
  18. 33% interested people in the PvP mode is still a respectable percentage demanding attention even with a rather very small sample (yet I suppose it wouldn't fluctuate dramatically on a larger number, probably +/-[5;10]). And you also have a 25% of "indifferent"-people category at the moment that theoretically can undergo conversion - me included, as am in this group but would give a reworked-and-interesting PvP system a chance, out of curiosity, more flavor and with friends ofc. If I for one would have made the pools I would've also emphasized the "re-worked PvP" aspect to maybe reflect better "what it should be desired" aka something clearly better than the current state of affairs. Regarding the teams proposal, or alliances to be precise, there could be the option via check-mark (let's say each player has a check-mark space in front of their nickname while pressing TAB) to ally oneself with others akin Age of Empires II system for example if I remember correctly - when both players checked one another, alliance formed. Ofc you can also betray your "partner(s) in crime" unchecking at any time, maybe without the knowing of your ex-ally just to spice up game-play. (small suggestion) Well ol' chap, I am right now mildly intoxicated ty ... and think you confused the words and meanings. As intoxicated usually signifies drunk or "gettin' jiggy wit' da booze" Don't think them PvPlayers are drunk when playin' ...but then again I might be wrong *looks at oneself while wobbly playing DST right now* But yes, you should be worried, I might get out for more booze.. via car
  19. I mean, JoeW literally said the timeline is out of whack. I'd consider next week rather optimistic.
  20. The fact is: people take everything personally. We can all interpret things differently according to our ideas. But this should not be taken seriously here, in a place where we should discuss amicably about what we think for a game that everyone likes here.
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    what is this.. evil... video
  22. I'm not sure what happened, My widget USED to work before but now it doesn't! All I did was some extra code. I have no reverted to my original code but it's still not working! I'm not sure what to do anymore and im smashing my head on the keyboard at this point. Any help is deeply appreciated. Note: Yes my character has the tag "nearsighted"
  23. I assume it's not reproducible if you go back and click on the item again?
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