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  2. @mathmanican I don't think I ever claimed that blocked ports and temperature differentiation was something I've exclusively discovered. It's been common knowledge on the forum for ages. Thanks in large part to your posts. The section on how that works is just a summary for those that might not have payed attention. What I do claim, at least as far as I know, is the much more important discovery that valves or any other passive pipe splitting set up cannot be trusted to split the return water output of a steam turbine correctly into the split turbine chambers, and finding a practical, reliable and simple solution to the problem. These builds presented here will also be difficult for exploit haters to object to since there's no exploits involved (unless you count the infinite hydrogen storage in the hydrogen vent tamer which some still object to). Blocking ports on a steam turbine cannot be considered an exploit as long as you feed each port the amount of steam it's supposed to take in as is done here. The builds are not using micrograms of steam on one port heated from a practically infinite heat source to trick the steam turbine or anything else involving the steam turbine set ups that could possibly be considered an exploit. Thinking that blocking ports is somehow in and of itself an exploit is a legacy from the old steam turbine where it definitely was. The current implementation of the steam turbine correctly identifies blocked ports and the steam turbine changes behaviour accordingly so if some people think that blocking outputs of the steam turbine is still an exploit then they can stick that opinion where the Sun don't shine as it has no merit whatsoever.
  3. Fun trick to use in end game : When you have electric darts and you auto attack across a gap as wortox you have a small window to teleport where the dart landed because it emits a small bit of light when it hits something. Very hard to do and mostly useless if you have moggles but really fun.
  4. No temp sensor, no liquid sensor, no shutoff. Overflowing oil is completely inline with predictions. JohnFrancis' design has the shutoff on the bottom which you may have overlooked. I like it up top by the vent, which is why I wait for niobium. And because I use an aquatuner to heat it. Two sensors is hardly a big deal, even the over pressure design uses one.
  5. Polymer Press wont turn on

    It obvious you did not noticed the near black CO²-output. Normaly the mod let the machines run, even if not output is connected. For example the coal generator works fine without pipes. But the press is designed to have an CO² output as a requirement. It wont release the gas into the enviroment direclty. So, not pipe, no work. Maybe the color is a bit too dark, and i´ve missed the ports myself several times, because of this. So, you are not stupid, and not blind ^^
  6. So. Unfortunately not at my gaming computer so I can't post a screen. I will edit this post with a screenshot when I get home My problem with ranching setup is this. I have automated everything with my ranches and they work flawless. Kill chamber, delivery of new hatches when below population max with only access for delivery to ranches below max and closed for those above. However. When there is no need of more newborns sometimes there is still eggs in the incubators that hatches meaning after a while I have a buildup of a small population in the breeding chamber. In time they will of course also die of old age and the meat will be picked up, so in long term it is not a problem of wasted resources but more of perfectionism so it still bothers me. The main problem is that automated sweepers can only deliver eggs to the incubators but not remove them. Anyway around this problem?
  7. They wanted to make a skin with effects before (Gorge Wes) but the reason they didn't is because they didn't want the skin to immediately become 10x more expensive than others. Don't lie, the SECOND you add a special skin that does cool stuff, it becomes synonymous with a tf2 unusual, and we know how much those are worth (Unless the economy crashes again)
  8. Thanks, that would exactly fit my needs since I only need to do this for pickable plants. By the way, you only passed the inst to the ontransplantfn_new function. Does it take another argument? Like, the deployer? Because that's the important part.
  9. Imagine how many more player the niche cult classic indie game would have if it just abandoned it's core ethos that made the people who enjoy it like it in the first place. Why don't we turn CS:Go into a party game and Mario Party into a competitive shooter while we're at it?
  10. Amen, Bread, Chicken, Dog, Tree, Cloud?
  11. Today
  12. I'm not convinced my explanation is clear as to what I'm trying to do. Most of the oil boiler designs out there, including the video's you mention aren't fool proof, at some random time, a blob of oil will spill from the vent area, polluting the counterflow and cause overpressure damage, this is a pain to deal with in survival. Others are foolproof, but rely on lots of automation. I have built almost all of them in survival games. The device you have shown, does not fully prevent oil spill from entering the counterflow, it uses automation to stop the flow and resumes pumping at a temperature. worst case scenario, this happens. Which will require you to break into it and have your dupes mop the spill. Using the unlimited storage waterfall compressor as part of the conversion chamber, it completely stops ALL oil from spilling into the left hand chamber (shown below) and into the counterflow. I should remind you, that this is what we are actually looking at, all cooling is tertiary to this.
  13. Wurt

    I mean sure Yemoja in Smite distracts me enough, buuuuuuuut I still think of DST and Hallowed Nights
  14. Count to 200 without interruption

  15. The best formal descriptions you can get are, I think, from this website :
  16. There have been tons of topics on the subject, and many guide videos as well. For the latter I would recommend the one by John Francis, but google around a bit, there's a lot out there. For what it's worth I think this one is simpler and better than most: Petroleum drips out at 113 degrees, the radiant pipes are aluminium, and the temp sensor is set to 405C. On the other side of the door in the upper left corner is your heat source; I use hot rocks but it's up to you. No space mats used, not even steel. (Ok the mech door is steel for better conductivity, but it doesn't have to be with tempshifts on both sides.)
  17. So I deleted and restarted the server completely, as in all the files and such. Disabled Antivirus firewall/enabled windows defender and opened corrosponding ports. Seemed to fix the problem. So hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
  18. The easiest way I can come up with to do this is to AddPrefabPostInit for all the planted plants ("berrybush", etc.) and wrap their inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn (make a new ontransplantfn that calls the old one) Code example (freely written and thus untested) function ontransplantfn_new(inst) --your code here if inst._ontransplantfn_old then inst._ontransplantfn_old(inst) end --your code here end function MyPostinitFn(inst) if inst.components.pickable then inst._ontransplantfn_old = inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn inst.components.pickable.ontransplantfn = ontransplantfn_new end end AddPrefabPostInit("sapling", MyPostinitFn) AddPrefabPostInit("grass", MyPostinitFn) --etc. The catch is that this won't work for any plantables that might be added in future updates if they aren't pickable.
  19. It does, but only when it blooms and is ready for harvest.
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    It's not my best work, honestly ^^; (my more recent Spore stuff is though) Also, really? It's right here (and in my signature). That's weird :/
  21. Does Bristle Blossom produce floral scent germs? Its not mentioned anywhere n description.
  22. Firstly, I removed the tempshift plates completely and the temperature is down to 115, I later re-added them with 2 spaces in between each plate and the temperature seemed to rise to 117, this increase might be caused by some other factor, like spurious dupe activity. I made another test, not using the thermium pump, however, because it no longer has waterfall compression, it no longer forces the oil to remain in the conversion chamber, I periodically get oil overspill into the counterflow heat exchange, which then blocks and get overpressure damage, which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place. If thermium is available, then using the compressor is the best choice and is 100% failsafe.
  23. We need this to be a thing...

    I don't really have anything to add to this discussion other than to express my amusement at the idea and point out the first part of my username.
  24. 걸치고 용암에다을때
  25. I want to make a list of know issues and bugs, to provide a) a help for players, and to avoid some of the multiple bug reports. Rules: Post an issue, explain it, if possible, and if there is one, give a solution or workaround. Please dont discuss problems here. If there is enough feedback here, i will edit this post and make some kind of sorting (gamebreaking/crash, cosmetic...) 1.Bug: Bunker doors wont stop meteoroids: Cause: The door is repaired, but not acknowleged as functional. Solution: Open and close the bunker doors when repaired. 2.Bug: Rocket parts are there, allthough the rocket is in space. Cause: The system renders parts not there (mainly on save load). Solution: Ignore it. Its just cosmetic.
  26. Would you please provide a list of your mods? Without its hard to guess.
  27. Better name it KiREEEEEEEEEEEE.
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